1-General conditions
Welcome to our web-site: www.ariannapicerni.com
We inform you that both the access and the use of this web-site are regulated by the present terms and conditions which entails the reading, understanding and consent of the contents described.
We enclose the information and the restrictions disciplined according to the decree law 6th September 2005, n. 206 ("consumer code"), which are stipulated between the user and The enterprise Arianna Picerni, based in via Angelo Orzali, traversa II, numer 31, lucca, vat number 02329270462, registered at the local business register.

In case you don't agree, even partially, with the terms and conditions as well as with Arianna Picerni's privacy policy,we ask you not to use this website.

We remind you to examine all the other legal information included in Arianna Picerni's privacy policy. Any use of this web site is subject to terms and conditions, which might be updated or modified, partially or entirely, at any moment, at Arianna Picerni's exclusive discretion. We therefore ask you to frequently consult this section to verify possible updating. The publication on the website of updating concerning the Terms and Conditions implies their automatic activation.

1.1 We recommend you to direct your attention to our policies regarding the Agreement and the conditions of sale, which are described in the Terms and Conditions. We reserve our right to accept orders only from clients over 18 years old. In case you are younger than 16 years old you are allowed to buy from our website only on the condition that your parents or your guardians are informed on Arianna Picerni's privacy policy before any use of the website or of its services.
1.2 the website www.ariannapicerni.com is intended for personal use only. The access to the website, the visualisation of its contents, texts, information, the description of the products and the possibility of downloading and buying goods are reserved to the clients. We therefore ask you to read the Terms and Conditions carefully.

2. Privacy policy
We inform you that our privacy policy will be applied every time you access this website and decide to use it.
We therefore recommend you carefully read all the documents as well as the Arianna Picerni's Terms and Conditions so to be informed on the website security systems.
The controller of all datas collected thought this website is Arianna Picerni, with legal residence in Italy, Via Angelo Orzali traversa II, n.31, 55100 Lucca.
The holder is obliged to respect the privacy of your personal information (article 13, legislative decree n. 196, 30 June 2003, "code concerning the protection of personal data). In accordance to article 13, legislative decree of 30th June 2003, n. 196, your data will be processed according to the law and you can exercise your right to access, modification, cancellation and opposition through a written notification to the email address maison@ariannapicerni.com or a letter, together with a copy of your ID, to the following postal address: Via Angelo Orzali traversa II, n.31 Lucca 55100.
The purpose and procedures of the treatment of all datas as well as the security procedures employed to protect the privacy and availability of datas are autonomously decided by the holder.
I The request of some data might be necessary to access some functions of our website. We however operate only by asking you the information we consider necessary to the achievement of aims listed below. To carry out an order you will need to supply the data required; for example if you want to buy from the online store you have to supply your personal data or we will not be able to carry out the order, partially or totally. When you carry out an order, you confirm that you agree with the storage and processing of your personal data. When you insert your data, you guarantee that it is your real identity and that all your information are true, exact, updated and complete at the moment of provision. You can also optionally sign up and receive newsletters and updating by inserting your name, surname and a valid email address in the dedicated section in Contacts. We will email you information, advertising and offers when available. In that case your data will be included in a file belonging to Arianna Picerni. This file will be used to supervise your registration as a user and to email you news about Arianna Picerni's products and offers.
The registration to the service is complete when the customer provides the personal data requested and receives an email of confirmation. By accepting the present terms and conditions and by using the service, the user declares that he has read and subscribed the stated terms and conditions. The occurred formalisation of your registration as a user entails that you agree to the processing of your data, in conformity with the stated terms, and that we can use your email to send you advertisement or information. If you give personal information on a third party, you guarantee that you were authorised to do so. You must also inform the third party on the terms and conditions concerning the processing of their data. All the information provided will be included in a file controlled by the company to process the orders, facilitate the research and sell Arianna Picerni's products and for promotional information.
If you provide personal informations about a third party, you guarantee that you have been conveniently authorised to do so. And you are furthermore obliged to inform the third party on the terms and conditions concerning the treatment of their data.
All the information that you provide will be included in a file controlled by the enterprise to treat the orders, simplify the research and the purchase of Arianna Picerni's products and to offer promotional information.
To offer the best service Arianna Picerni will have to provide specific user data (name, address, telephone number, etc...) to companies that collaborate with the services required (carriers, financial corporations).
For example BARTOLINI CORRIERE ESPRESSO Head office: Via Mattei, 42 - Bologna (BO)40138 ITALY - http://www.brt.it/
In the above cases we will provide only the information strictly necessary to carry out the specific request. Your authorisation will allow the circulation of your personal data for the only purpose of the correct administration of your order.
The treatment of you personal data is mainly conducted by online procedures by Arianna Picerni or by third parties that, if necessary, carry out procedures and activities connected to the use of the website and of its services. These third parties, conveniently selected by Arianna Picerni, are provided with experience and competence, and conduct their activities responsibly and offer adequate warranty of the respect of the privacy policy and of data treatment.
At every moment you can assert your rights towards the holder of the treatment, under article 7, legislative decree 196/2003, and be informed on the existence of personal information, even if not yet registered, concerning your person, and their notification. The person concerned has the right to obtain the updating, correction, integration or the cancelation of personal data. The person concerned, for legitimate reasons, has the right to take position entirely or partially, against the treatment of personal data even if pertinent to the purpose of the collection, against the treatment of personal data for the purpose of advertising materials or of direct sale, trade researches or business communications.
Your data will be given to third parties only after your explicit consent, unless differently stated by the law: you cannot deny the treatment of your personal data in case they are used for legal obligations and aims ( for example in case your data are requested by authorities, police or other organisations or to fulfil obligations originating from your contract). The treatment of data where the consent of the person concerned is not required will be managed by the above mentioned third parties autonomously according to the stated aims.
Arianna Picerni can modify or update, entirely or partially, at every moment, the privacy policy of this website, in relation to modifications of the laws concerning this subject and the protection of your rights. We ask you to periodically consult this section to notice any eventual updating of Terms and Condition or of the privacy policy which will result in their automatic activation.

All the contents of this website, including photos, belong to Arianna Picerni and are therefore consequently subjected to the right to circulate and be exploited. You may also find products and materials duly registered as "Valzer" ® under Arianna Picerni's copyright property.

Our website has been created for final users. Our products are directed to natural persons acting on purposes unrelated to their company or profession, and to legal entities not interested in the exclusive activity of reselling merchandise bought on the website www.ariannapicerni.com. Those who don't recognise themselves in these above definitions are asked not to make any kind of order on this website. Following the above mentioned business policy, our company Arianna Picerni reserves itself the right to refuse orders by parts that cannot be considered "final users", and every order not conforming with the business policy described in this note.
To buy merchandise from our website you have to supply the data requested for the completion of the order and for the paypal payment. In case you want to sign up you are asked to supply, truthful , accurate, updated and complete information. If any information should change, we ask you to immediately inform us at the following email address: maison@ariannapicerni.com. Since we reserve ourselves the right to change the registration procedure, we ask you to periodically check our Terms and Conditions. Trough this website www.ariannapiceni.com our company offers its clients the opportunity to make orders that will be carried out within 2-7 workdays from the order date and payment. In case of variation in shipping time or in case of delay, we will inform the client (see note 4.1)
4.1. In case the shipping time should exceed the stated days, the users will immediately be contacted so that they can choose from one of the following options: -accept the possible delay -be refunded In case there is no reply within 48 hours from the communication, the entire amount will be refunded and the order annulled.
4.2. The cost of the article will be charged on the client's credit card as soon as the transaction takes place.
4.3 In case the reserved article cannot be supplied, the client's credit card will be accredited with the deposit.

5-PRODUCTS Arianna Picerni's articles are produced and commercialised by experts, collaborators and artisans, with an careful research and care of the detail and of the chosen products, to offer high-class products at a competitive price. Arianna Picerni declines any responsibility if the colour of the articles shown on the website, because of a particular configuration of the client's computer or a malfunctioning hardware, should result slightly different from the original.

6.1. To complete an order on our website www.ariannapicerni.com you must accept the following conditions. The clients must: - be at least 18 years old -have the right to stipulate a legally binding contract - be competent to stipulate a legally binding contract - have a working email address - be in possession of a valid credit card for authorisation and payment accepted by Paypal, for example: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Pre-paid PayPal Card, Paypal, Discover, Carta Aura, PostePay.
6.2. To order from our website you are asked to supply your personal data. In particular you have to supply your real name, telephone number, email address and other required information as indicated. You are also asked to supply valid and correct payment details and you have to confirm that you are the person to whom the invoice refers to.
6.3. You should also be aware of the fact that we can use your personal information to the purpose of conducting appropriate anti-fraud controls. The personal information that you give us can be divulged to credit reference agencies or to anti-fraud agencies and can kept in records.
6.4. All the orders are subject to acceptance and availability. The articles in your trolley cannot be reserved and can be bought from other clients.
6.5. The shown prices are in Euro and they include VAT to the variable interest rate
6.5.1. In case you access the website and you live within a EU country, the shown prices will include VAT in conformity to European laws.
6.5.2 In case you access the website and you live outside the EU, the shown prices will not include any extra tax or custom duty.
6.6 Shipping costs can change from country to country and are shown in your trolley
6.7 Once you have chosen and make the order, you will receive an email confirming your order details. This email only confirms the reception of your order. The acceptance of your order and the conclusion of the contract between you and Arianna Picerni can be considered complete when you receive an email confirming the fulfilment of your order.
6.8. We reserve ourselves the right to reject your order in case we cannot obtain validation for the transaction, or in case an article has shipping restrictions. We also reserve the right not to process your order if the chosen article is out of catalogue or if it doesn't comply with our quality standards, or in case the costumer does not satisfy the requirements shown in Terms and Conditions.
6.9. We can also refuse to process or accept a transaction for any kind of reasons, or to deny the service to anyone at every moment at our discretion. For the same reason we reserve the right to refuse to process a transaction or suspend it even after its processing has started. We will not be considered responsible towards the customers or a third party for removing any of our products from our website.
6.10. For any aspect not clearly mentioned in the present contact Arianna Picerni refers to the " decree law, 22 may 1999, n. 185" and to dispositions stated in the Italian Civil Code.

The payment solution that our website www.ariannapicerni.com offers its clients is paypal. Every time a client buys an article from our website www.ariannapicerni.com, all the financial details, such as the credit card number, the expiring date and all personal information are transferred to the paypal system that manages them through the adoption of safety measures such as cryptography, for the best security level of the user data. No one, included Arianna Picerni, has the faculty to access these data.

The company Arianna Picerni asks for a signature for every delivered item: from that moment the responsibility for the article is transferred to the client. If you give an address different from yours ( for example in case of presents) you accept that the signature of the receiver can be considered, on the side of Arianna Picerni, as a proof of delivery and fulfilment of the order, and can also be considered as a proof of responsibility acquired for the delivered item or items. We ask you to notice that we try to deliver all the orders as soon as possible, considering the time required for the completion.
8.1 Delivery Time

Orders will be carried out during workdays, from the order date and payment.

Delivery time for Italy is usually 24-48 hours.
Delivery time for Europe, USA and Canada: 2-7 days.
Estonia 5-8 days, Latvia 6-8 days , Denmark 10 days.

Europe Service by road

For European deliveries, we use two leading networks:

DPD, Dynamic Parcel Distribution, a leading European network for single-parcel deliveries.
EuroExpress, distribution network involving some of the best European express couriers, capable of handling shipments of one or more parcels and/or pallets with no weight or size limits.

European Countries covered:
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Principality of Monaco, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary.

International (non-EU) Countries Covered:
USA, Canada.

Air shipment services
Our international service is arranged in cooperation with FedEx, the largest (exclusively cargo) air distribution network in the world.

In case the shipping time should exceed the stated days, the users will immediately be contacted, see note 4.1

9.1. If you want to cancel an order, you must inform us within 24 hours from the moment you made the order. You must immediately contact us, by sending us an email to the following email address : maison@ariannapicerni.com, specifying the object of the request (ex. Order cancellation), or through a registered letter with notification of reception to the address Via Angelo Orzali traversa II, n.31 Lucca 55100 Italy. You will obtain a full refund, shipping costs included. After 24 hours, 3% of the total transaction costs will be deducted.
9.2. If you have already received a notification confirming the shipping, or if an order has already been shipped, we are unable to change or to cancel it. In that case we are not therefore able to cancel your order and you have to proceed as indicated in 10.2

Arianna Picerni informs that, in accordance with the art. 64 of the decree law 6 september 2005, n 205 (consumer code), the user, acting as a costumer, has the right to recede from the service without any penalty and without specifying the reasons, within and not later than the limit of 10 working days starting from the delivery of the order. Essential condition to the recess practice is the integral restitution of the products, at the expense of the client. For the cancellation you have to send, within the mentioned limits, an email to the address maison@ariannapicerni.com, or a registered letter with notification of reception to the address Via Angelo Orzali traversa II, n.31 Lucca 55100, italy.
10.1 Within 30 days from the reception of the communication of the annulment, the company Arianna Picerni commits itself to return an amount equal to the amount paid at the time of the order. According to the European Consumer Protection (distance selling), regulations 2000 (DSRs) we ask you to read the following points.
10.2.1. You can return an article ( fees to be paid by the client) at the condition that you start the restitution procedure according to the following procedures: - you must send us an email warning us about the restitution within 10 working days from the day of reception. -you must send us an email including a copy of the shipping note concerning the return of the goods within 7 days, starting from the beginning of the restitution process.
10.2.3. The article and its box must return unused and in their original conditions, from the country in which the delivery was made.
10.2.4. For the restitution shipping we recommend you to use the original packaging.
10.2.5. The returned product has to be delivered to the following address: Via Angelo Orzali traversa II, n.31 Lucca 55100.
10.2.6. The costs of the restitution shipping has to be paid by the user
10.2.7. For the restitution shipping you can choose your own courier
10.2.8. Since you have the duty to take reasonable care of the products and since you will be considered responsible for them until the moment of delivery to our storage, we recommend you insure the restitution shipping. In case of litigation, we also recommend you keep proof of the occurred shipping.
10.2.9. The articles must be returned within 30 days starting from the day of the restitution process or you will loose the right to be refunded.
10.2.10 If the returned articles meets the parameters exposed in 10.2.3, Arianna Picerni will refund the entire amount of the initial transaction you made for the article, within 48 hours starting from the day of delivery.
Note: Arianna Picerni has the right to revoke the point 10.2.9. Even if restitution time should exceed 30 days.
10.3. Restitution of damaged or faulty products
10.3.1. If you receive a damaged or faulty product we ask you to immediately signal it, by contacting us within 24 hours to the following email address maison@ariannapicerni.com, indicating the error and the flaw and sending a photo as a proof, and your personal data. The faulty product will be carefully analysed and we will let you know, through an email, how to proceed within 48 hours.
10.3.2. Generally speaking, after our communication, in which we confirm you to proceed with the substitution, you can follow the over mentioned procedure exposed in 10.2., apart from 10.2.10, since in case we actually observe flaws or imperfections, the amount will be entirely refunded including delivery costs payed for the restitution of the article. The refund will be done with the same method used for the payment.
10.3.3 the article will be replaced as soon as possible and in any case within 30 days, starting from the day in which you receive an email confirming that the article is inadequate and will be replaced.
10.3.4. In case of problems with the packaging, you have to inform the courier when you receive the order.
10.4. For anything not clearly mentioned in the present contract, Arianna Picerni refers to the "Decree Law 22 may 1999, n. 185" and to the dispositions of the Italian Civil Code.

We ask you, for your security, to carefully read the following instructions and warnings.
When you buy a product on our website you have to observe the following notes and you accept to be the only responsible for any damage to people or properties due to the use of the product that you have bought.
We also remind you to carefully read the following warnings to make sure that you don't make an incorrect or improper use of the product which may be dangerous for your safety. If you buy the "Valzer"® handbag, we remind you:

-not to untie the laces (or fringes) of the handbag while you are moving or you are near a moving or rotating object, to avoid dangers and/or risks to fall and/or be caught on something. Pay attention when you are moving and/or when you are on a vehicle (bycicle, motorcycle, scooter, etc) and make sure your laces (of fringes) are properly tied so that they do not untie or hang down in a potentially dangerous way (for example to avoid the risk of falling or getting caught on a moving or rotating object.

- do not wear the handbag in an improper or dangerous way and do not tie and/or braid the laces (or fringes) on body parts that may cause eventual risks. Always make sure that the bag and its parts ( fringes or laces) are placed in a proper way. Make sure you respect the real function of the *handbag, do not improvise solutions that may result dangerous or unexpected. *handbag= an handbag has the function to guard or transport little objects (ex. Things of everyday usage) and can be carried by hand or by shoulder, through proper strips ( grips, laces or fringes).

11.1. Usage precautions and usage limits
To make sure that you are not making a usage different or incorrect from the expected one, that may interfere with your safety, remember to always choose an adequate and safe way to wear and use your bag, considering the possible and eventual risks. Avoid the use of this handbag if you don't understand the meaning of these precautions for you own safety or if you think you will not be able to observe the over mentioned usage precautions.

The closure mechanism of the bag are neodymium magnet sewn into the fabric. We recommend people with pacemakers or implanted defibrillators to observe the correct precautions.


12.1 Arianna Picerni disclaims any responsibility for the wrong choice of colour or model of the product.
12.2 Arianna Picerni publishes information on her website to supply a service to all users, but disclaims every responsibility on potential wrong technical information and/or typographical errors. Once the error is signalled, it will be corrected.
12.3 Arianna Picerni has the right to correct and modify the information on her website without forewarning.
12.4 Arianna Picerni doesn't offer any warranty that the information published on this website is in conformity with the jurisdiction laws of the user.
12.5 Arianna Picerni disclaims every responsibility for possible problems, damages, virus or risks in which the user may incur while visiting the website.
12.6 Arianna Picerni declines every responsibly for every damage towards people or proprieties caused by the use of her product.
12.7 Arianna Picerni has the right to modify, at every moment and without forewarning, the terms and conditions and the privacy policy included in this legal note.
12.8 Every user has to accept the terms and conditions of this legal note and has to visit and control regularly this website this website to verify updating, modifications and corrections.

13.1 As soon as the user confirms his order the contract is automatically concluded and will therefore be finalised at the moment of the delivery. The delivery is not finalised only if the client is not recognised as a "final user" and doesn't guarantee the solvency.
13.2 The over mentioned terms and conditions have to be entirely read and accepted from the client of www.ariannapicerni.com before the confirmation of the order. The clients that confirm our order must accept all terms and conditions that regulate the relationship between Arianna Picerni and the client. The confirmation of the order indicates that the client is aware of the terms and conditions and accepts them. The total cost of the order made by the client is charged on his credit card when the contract is concluded. All the articles, as shown online, are sold to the customer at the specified price.

14.1 The present terms and conditions are regulated by the Italian law. Everything established from the Business Code for the protection of consumers is consider valid. Every argument rising between the parts concerning validity, interpretation, execution and resolution of the present terms and conditions and/or anyway linked to the present terms and conditions will be treated under the exclusive jurisdiction of the tribunal of Lucca with consequent exclusion of every different tribunal, even concurrent or alternative. When on this website the user accepts the laws of the Italian Government, that are applied to every issue concerning this website.
14.2 Arianna Picerni has made any reasonable effort to guarantee that all the contents of this website do not represent or describe any scene, contest or background that can be considered detrimental or offensive of the rights or dignity of people. However, Arianna Picerni does not guarantee that the material on this website is considered appropriate or its used allowed in every country. The use of this material from countries in which its contents are illegal is strictly forbidden. The users that choose to access this website from those countries are doing it at their own risk and are considered the only responsible at the local laws. The contents of the website may present some errors or inaccuracies. Arianna Picerni cannot, for any reason, be considered responsible for inaccuracies or damages resulting from valuations and/or choices made by the user, on the base of the contents extracted from the website or through it.

Arianna Picerni can modify or update, partially or totally, and at every moment, the privacy policy of this website, also in relation to modifications of the decrees laws concerning this subject and concerning the safeguard of your rights. We ask you to periodically consult this section to notice eventual updating of terms and conditions and privacy policy. Their publication on the apposite section of the website implies the activation of the related obligations.
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